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In 2017, Phillip Schwarz, found himself knee-deep in a venture that was all about transforming forgotten lands into something worth talking about. Armed with his background in agriculture and the ability to fix anything with an engine, he was ready to roll.

Naming this passion project was at a stand-still until he had a brainstorming session with his wife's family around the dinner table. They tossed around ideas, discussing the different types of land he worked on - agricultural, commercial, residential, and recreational. And there it was, in the midst of their chat, his wife's grandma excitedly came up with the name: "For Land's Sake, but with the number 4!" It clicked, perfectly capturing the ideals and reasoning behind his passion.

Since then, 4 Land’s Sake has been on a roll. Over a hundred projects down, and they've cleared a whopping 4000+ acres. This journey is more than just transforming land; it's about adding purpose and stories to every acre they touch. Here's to wrenching on engines and reclaiming the land, one project at a time.


A stewardship and management company based in NW Missouri, we specialize in preserving and reclaiming land for various needs, be it agricultural, commercial, residential, or recreational. From one-time restoration projects to ongoing maintenance relationships, our mission is to efficiently transform landscapes.

Our services encompass underbrush and tree removal using cutting-edge forestry mulchers, complemented by herbicide applications for regrowth control. We provide comprehensive property maintenance, addressing soil erosion, fencing, forestry management, and assisting landowners in selecting the best crops for their soil conditions.

In the realm of the Conservation Reserve Program, we seize the opportunity to revive fallow land for tillable conditions, catering to agricultural, recreational, commercial, and residential purposes. Equipped with state-of-the-art forestry tools, we prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness over heavy equipment with harsh ground disturbance.

4 Land’s Sake is the go-to solution for property owners, utility companies, and commercial investors seeking increased property value and positive curb appeal. Our expertise and commitment shine through in every project, ensuring a transformative and purposeful impact on the land we touch.

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